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About the Company

      PressMedia spol. s r.o., a limited liability company, was founded as the exclusive partner and subsidiary of Slovak distribution company MEDIAPRINT-KAPA PRESSEGROSSO a. s., a joint-stock company with its registered seat in Bratislava, which is the largest distributor of periodical and non-periodical press publications in Slovakia.
    The main activity of PressMedia spol.  s r.o. is distribution of periodical and non-periodical print media and film and music data media (DVD/CD, Blu-Ray) and ensuring subscription and mailing services in Slovakia. It also ensures distribution and subscription services for Slovak publications in the Czech Republic. These activities are carried out using the company's own transport and currently involves approximately 600 titles from 180 Czech publishers.

    As of 2009, PressMedia spol. s r.o., in cooperation with its sister company GGT, a.s., a joint-stock company with its registered seat in Bratislava, has been building and operating its own network of retail newspaper and tobacco shops (Tabák) under the name Tisk GG TABAK – PressMedia. GGT a.s. is the largest company involved in the distribution of tobacco products and smoking supplies and also operates the largest network of retail tobacco and newspaper shops in Slovakia.
    PressMedia LTD in the Czech republic is actively running a network of Newsagents shops. These are mainly located in selected supermarket chains and shopping centres. 

   PressMedia spol. s r.o. was founded on 23 October 1995 and is registered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 40734.



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For Publishers

     Mediaprint-Kapa Pressegrosso a.s., a joint-stock company, has available 14 regional distribution companies, which are located across Slovakia and ensure the distribution of press publications to approximately 6,850 sales locations.

Direct sale: 
    Through this transport and distribution network, magazines and daily press publications reach all sales points focused on the sale of this range of products. The complete production of printed media throughout Slovakia is ensured for end customers on a daily basis.   
    The distribution is managed by sophisticated distribution software, which optimally divides the supplied quantity of each issue of each title based on previous sales results and other optimisation conditions.


Withdrawal is possible if the publisher requests transport back to Prague, where the publications will be prepared for retrieval. There is a charge for this service. Otherwise, these printed materials can be liquidated in Slovakia.
Subscription and mailing:
In cooperation with the parent company, we also ensure all subscription and mailing services.


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Press Distribution in Slovakia

      PressMedia spol. s r.o. ensures the distribution of magazines and daily press throughout Slovakia, including subscription and mailing services, through the distribution network of the parent company Mediaprint-Kapa Pressgrosso. 

    The directly stocked sales network includes approximately 6,850 sales locations throughout Slovakia and mainly consists of sales points focused primarily on selling press publications, such as newsstands, brick-and-mortar shops on the street and shops located in transport facilities or within shopping centres. The sales network also includes the shops of retail chains operating hypermarkets, supermarkets, discount stores, grocery stores, fuel stations and Slovak post offices. 

                Direct sale SK:
                                Sales points SK:

                   přímý                                         prodejní body          

                                           Subscriptions  SK:  


database as of 1 January 2019

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Czech magazines in the Slovakian market

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We offer transport of goods for advantageous prices along the Bratislava – Prague route by using the extra space in vehicles with a weight capacity of 2.6 tonnes (8-10 pallets).
Be safe with us

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How to find us

              Company Address:

              PressMedia, spol. s r.o.
              Liběšická 1709/2
              155 00   Praha 5 - Stodůlky
              IČO: 64579999, DIČ: CZ64579999
              tel.   235 518 803
              fax.  235 517 574  
              GPS souřadnice: 50.0418393,14.3377336


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Press Distribution

Sales Director        
Mgr. Richard Hladík        
+420 251 566 637
+420 602 228 355
Chief Economist
  Head of Transport    
Pavel Brom   Ing. Pavel Hochmann    
+420 251 566 867
+420 602 228 210
  +420 251 513 998
+420 606 688 082 
Financial Accountant   Orders    
Alena Steinfelderová   Petra Kubáňová    
+420 235 518 803   +420 251 552 733    
Breakdowns, optimisation, distribution 
  Invoicing, archiving   Storage
Daniel Bílek   Milan Bubeníček   Karel Mařík
+420 251 566 803   +420 251 566 712   +420 251 566 839 

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Retail - Newsagents/Tobacco

Sales Director        
Jan Koudelka        
+420 251 566 708
+420 602 560 079
Regional manager   Regional manager   Regional manager 
Bohemia   Bohemia     
Branislav Kubáň   Tomáš Krejčí   Miroslav Škorik
+420 725 186 873    +420 725 100 245    +420 725 928 442
Operator, IT  

Personnel Department

  Personnel Department
Jiří Eschner   Marcela Bromová   Michaela Řezníčková 
+420 606 033 868 
  +420 235 513 997
+420 725 536 502
Specialist leases    Sales officer    
Mgr. Pavla Holanová    Jitka Průšová    
+420 725 874 352   +420 251 566 970
+420 606 037 201


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GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation


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